Man caught for having sex with land rover in public

Frankly speak, I really want to escape from the earth after I read such an odd fact in an good blog goweirdfacts, it’s really a crazy story.

We know, we can do anything on our properties, yes it’s just a general speaking, for normal people we would never think some way to insult our properties, but this 24 years old British guy, Daniel Cooper, decided to take off all his clothes and then raped his $50,000 blue Land Rover in public, you must say that I’m talking about crap, but it’s true and you can click the link above to check its truth. At that time, Daniel was deeply drunk, he didn’t know what should to and felt lots of energy which stay in his body and can’t go out, maybe he should find a whore, but he did a terrible thing without his imagination, he forgot everything and began to abreact his animal desire on the poor blue Land Rover uncharitable, the car is not able to leave any comment but the CCTV recorded everything he did in the park, Daniel admit what he had done although he said he can’t remember anything in the park.

The judge was angry because that Daniel was not a first offender, not long ago he even made love with a shop counter, so this time the judge decided to give him a lesson, they gave Daniel a 85 pound fine and forbade him going out at the night of the weekend.

We don’t know how about the poor car because “she” can’t leave any comment until now and Daniel’s friends also said “We are sorry for the Land Rover and hope it wasn’t offended.” But so what, nothing can cure the poor car’s heart more, or what a poor car.

Are you curious that why Daniel could do such weird crime? I checked lots of info about it on the internet and found the answer on Wiki, Wiki tells us that this weird action is a paraphilia, a mental disease, I‘m sure exhausts are not good at all, they are dirty and cold, hope Daniel can change his bad habit.